Yvette Batten – East Lee Middle School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Yvette Batten of East Lee Middle School. She is a sixth-grade teacher with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Fayetteville State University and obtained her Middle Grades Language Arts and NC Teaching License (in grade levels 6-9) from Western Carolina University. Mrs. Batten was also recently recognized as the 2017-18 East Lee Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Batten believes that all children have the ability to learn, but teachers must meet them where they are, in order to help them grow. “Children come to us from all types of situations. We as teachers must be sensitive to every personal situation because it affects not only the student, but also our classroom.”

Not only is Mrs. Batten an East Lee teacher, but she was also a tutor at Broadway Elementary School from 2005-08 — as well as a Read 180 tutor at East Lee from 2008-11 — which is what inspired her to teach. “I tutored kindergarten, first grade and fifth grade part-time while my kids were young. I loved working with the students and helping them to improve with reading. I knew I made a difference with the students I worked with at Broadway and wanted to keep that feeling going! That’s when I decided to go after my teaching certification.”

Mrs. Batten gives the following advice to teaching newcomers … “Teaching takes your mind, heart and soul. You must start each day with a clean slate and hold yourself and your students to high standards. Teaching will be one of the hardest jobs you ever sign on for, but it will also be one of the most rewarding.”