WTS Artist Of The Week Debuts In January 2019

Welcome To Sanford is excited to announce the impending debut of its newest weekly Sanford Spectrum feature, the Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week.  The column will spotlight the community’s full range of diverse artists of all types.  Musicians and performance artists, as well as those who engage in pursuits such as photography, painting and pottery, will all enjoy visibility in the new weekly column.

The Artist of the Week feature will also leverage the interactive strengths of digital content, by providing audio, video, text and images of the featured artists’ work.

WTS Publisher Bob Bedi notes, “Among the many assets of the community is our vibrant arts community.  It’s always been that way.  A stroll through downtown Sanford, or travel throughout Lee County provides ample evidence of the many types of artisans who have called the area home over the years. Today is no different … with performers and artists of every discipline practicing their artistry right here in Sanford.  We’re thrilled to be able to offer a platform for their talents.”

Local artists can apply or be nominated for the weekly feature, which will debut in January 2019.  The Artist of the Week sign up form can be found here at Welcome To Sanford.