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Sanford - Lee County Workforce Information

Sanford and Lee County have a diverse business environment and a wide range of skilled workers in a number of professions.  With over 3 dozen manufacturing and production facilities, such as Caterpillar, Pfizer and Tyson Foods, a great representation of leading national retailers, and a large selection of small businesses and entrepreneurs, the economic climate in the area is extremely fertile.

For a comprehensive list of businesses in Lee County, please visit our Welcome To Sanford Business Directory.

Agriculture is a traditional bedrock of our local economy and continues to play a key role today.  Agriculture-related businesses account for 13% of Lee County employment and generated over $30M in economic impact in the 3 country region of Lee, Moore and Richmond, in 2012.  The GrowSanfordNC website has more information and valuable links about agriculture in the area.

The Sanford Area Growth Alliance also has assembled a full list of manufacturing, production & wholesale companies.

Central Carolina Hospital (CCH) is the focal point for comprehensive health care in Sanford and Lee County.  CCH consistently surpasses state and national rankings for its progress in areas such as heart care, pneumonia, surgical care and joint care, has over 120 doctors and more than 600 employees working in 24 different specialties. Learn more about our community hospital by visiting the CCH website.

Our community is also proud of the many exceptional health care providers who service us.  The CCH hospital site includes a directory for 98 affiliated medical professionals.  Our Welcome To Sanford Business Directory also includes detailed listings for local health care providers.

The Lee County website includes a collection of maps covering addresses, voting districts, township designations, zoning, open space allocations, fire department jurisdictions and much more.

The SAGA website also offers an interactive mapping tool, which can allow candidates for new businesses or expansion in the area to see information from a wide range of data.  A click to this link goes to the disclaimer page that will activate the mapping tool.

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