Wendy Bryant-Motley – Broadway Elementary School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Wendy Bryant-Motley, a nationally acclaimed art teacher at Broadway Elementary School. Ms. Bryant-Motley has been a teacher in Lee County Schools since shortly after her college graduation in 1998 from Averett University.  After 5 years at Lee County High School, she moved to her current role at Broadway.

Ms. Bryant-Motley was recently named North Carolina Art Educators Association’s 2018 Teacher of the Year, and will serve as our state’s representative at the upcoming National Art Educators Conference in Seattle.  In discussing her recognition, Ms. Bryant-Motley notes, “It’s humbling. I have been to our conferences and sat in the workshops and presentations, and so I know we have some phenomenal art educators in this state. It’s a true honor.”

Broadway Principal Ricky Secor says that this recognition is much deserved, noting, “Ms. Bryant-Motley sees how art isn’t an end in itself, but is also a means to help understand the other concepts students learn about in reading, math, and other subjects. She is committed to helping her students grow not only in art but also in the community.”

Ms. Bryant-Motley is also very engaged in a full array of community activities.  She created the Art Ambassadors program in 2014 to bring art students into area assisted living facilities. In 2016, Ms. Bryant-Motley played a central role in the Collaborative Fashion Show. She’s also been heavily involved the Brick City Bees Initiative to increase the number of beehives in downtown Sanford and the Art in the Alley program at the 2017 Downtown Sanford Street Festival.

When it comes to her teaching philosophy, Ms. Bryant-Motley is simple and straightforward, saying “I love art and teaching. We are all creators. It is the core of who we are!”