Vivian Gierbolini – Broadway Elementary

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Vivian Gierbolini, ESL teacher at Broadway Elementary School. Mrs. Gierbolini is a native of Puerto Rico and earned her degree in Education from the University of Puerto Rico.  She recently began her sixth year of teaching ESL at Broadway Elementary and was honored as the Broadway Elementary School Teacher of the Year for 2019-20.

School Principal Ricky Secor admires Mrs. Gierbolini’s dedication, noting, “Mrs. Gierbolini, our ‘Mrs. G’, would never seek to become “Teacher of the Year”. She is too busy thinking about how to make Broadway Elementary a better place. That makes it all the more fitting that her peers voted her to be the Broadway Teacher of the Year. We are so proud of her.”

Mrs. Gierbolini draws inspiration from a George Evans quote, which says Every student can learn, just not in the same day or same way.  She applies this mindset to her personal teaching philosophy, noting, “Every day is a day to learn new things. I make everyday a special day for my students. Together we can learn new things and the importance of learning a new language. I am very happy to work my students this year. It will be a wonderful year!”

Parents of Mrs. Gierbolini’s students mirror Principal Secor’s respect. This Facebook comment is typical: “She always looks for a way to complete all of her students and colleagues, no matter how difficult it may be for her. If she has to do it differently, she’ll do it, even for just one student. Her innovation in the classroom is unique!”