Vince Phelps – Bragg Street Academy

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Vince Phelps of Bragg Street Academy. Mr. Phelps teaches middle and high school health and physical education, and has been a Bulldog for two decades of his 37-year teaching career. He attended Rio Grande College and Teiko University.

The teaching accomplishment Mr. Phelps is proudest of is seeing student growth and improvement. He observes, “Being able to work with students who have not been successful in a school setting and see them succeed” brings a lot of meaning to Mr. Phelps’ work.  “We chart and work with students to do physical and academic assignments. As time goes on, myself and the student see their progress and this feels good.”

Mr. Phelps also notes that when it comes to teaching, “it’s fun to find what works and keep doing it!”  Mr. Phelps’ colleagues would describe him as “hardworking,” say that he “accomplishes things” and is “honest.” In his free time, Mr. Phelps enjoys reading, exercising, talking to the public and watching sports.