Vickie Wilkins – Southern Lee High School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Vickie “Ms. Beautiful” Wilkins. Ms. Wilkins is a health and physical education and PEPI (Physical Education Pupil Instructor) teacher, as well as a teacher cadet, and has been a part of the Southern Lee Cavaliers family for 8 years of her 43-year teaching career. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in health and physical education and an M. Ed in health and physical education from Campbell University.

Ms. Beautiful teaches in the classroom, the gym, and works with girls and boys tennis outdoors. She is also a SGA (Student Government Association) advisor.

The teaching accomplishment Ms. Wilkins is proudest of is the accomplishments of her students. “I am most proud of the success of all my students that I have taught. Each student has talents and abilities and whatever they strive for, I am going to be their biggest cheerleader!”

Ms. Beautiful is very popular with students, teachers and other members of the Southern Lee community. She’s known for her festive, dynamic and optimistic personality. “The glass is always full” with Ms. Wilkins.