Tina Harrington – Tramway Elementary School

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Tina Harrington of Tramway Elementary School. Mrs. Harrington has been in the Lee County Schools family for the entirety of her 14-year teaching career — with nine years at Deep River Elementary School teaching kindergarten and five years teaching third grade at Tramway. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Masters of Education from Campbell University. Mrs. Harrington was recently honored as the 2018-19 Teacher of the Year at Tramway Elementary

Mrs. Harrington’s first priority is to make sure that her students feel loved and that her classroom provides a high trust environment. “I strive to make learning fun while carefully covering each standard, yet incorporating exciting activities daily. I want each child to be challenged while learning that we all are lifetime learners.”

When asked about her best teaching experiences, Mrs. Harrington said several came to mind, including one from her time at Deep River. “I remember having numerous children who entered my classroom who did not speak any English. I remember thinking how scary that must be not to be able to understand your teacher, yet trusting me to help them to become more than they could be on their own. As our team worked with these kids, the progress was amazing. I would watch these kids progress from not knowing English to becoming proficient in English and more than that, fluent readers in only one year. It was an incredible experience to watch and to be a part of this growth. I was thankful to be a part of the progress that opened up a new world for these little ones.”

To future teachers, Mrs. Harrington would invite them into her classroom and watch the wonder of what goes on each day. “I would tell them of my experiences, how teaching makes me a better person, and how it fulfills my passion of working with children. I would remind them that it is hard work and that you are expected to have integrity at all times. I would encourage them to learn from veteran teachers who have so much to give and are willing to help new teachers to be successful. I would tell them that there is no better feeling than to do a job that you love and to make a difference each day.”

And when she’s not in school, Mrs. Harrington belongs to Cool Springs Baptist Church, Couples for Christ Sunday School Class, Delta Kappa Gamma/Delta Rho Chapter – a service group for educators, is President of SanLee Middle School PTSO, a Member of Southern Lee Booster Club, a Mentor for Lee County Schools and Lead Math Teacher for Tramway Elementary.