The Work Never Ends!

Over the past few weeks, our Throwback feature has trained its attention on notable business, and the employees that worked there, roughly a century ago.  It seems fair to say that work, and pictures of those who are doing it, are never-ending.  But it seems worth the effort to continue taking a closer look at some Sanford area workforces of the early 20th century. Let’s begin this week’s travels with a stop that will be familiar to local residents — the Fairview Dairy Restaurant. It opened as an extension of the Fairview Dairy in the mid-1930s, and did business at 126 Carthage Street.

Another long-standing business that merits a second look is the Lee Drug Store. In this picture we see proprietor Joe Lazarus positioned behind the soda fountain. It’s a position he stood in countless times over the years. This popular establishment opened at 101 South Steele Street in the late 1920s and remained in business into the 1980s.

It’s said that fashion never goes out of style. So in addition to the numerous department stores and clothing stores that called Sanford home over the years, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that Sanford has also had many successful tailors and dry cleaning operators. One such business in the 1940s was City Dry Cleaners & Tailors. Here we see some of their employees ready for pickups and deliveries

Finally, let’s take a moment to honor another long-standing business in our community, whose predecessors opened for business over a century ago. Charles Rogers founded the Rogers Funeral Service in 1913. In the early days, Mr. Rogers was affiliated with Lee Furniture Company, who made his caskets, and he also operated an ambulance service for the 2 local hospitals. Here we see a picture of Rogers employees and their fleet of Packard vehicles. This was before the firm moved to its current Carthage Street location. Mr. Rogers and his son Charles, Jr. collectively operated the business for over 60 years. In 1974, employee Tommy Pickard acquired the company from the Rogers estate and managed the company for several decades. His son William is now the fourth generation operator of the Rogers – Pickard Funeral Home.

Editorial content, pictures and research background , compliments of Jimmy Haire and Images of America: Sanford and Lee County, by Jimmy Haire & W.W. Seymour, Jr, available here for purchase. All book proceeds go to Sanford’s Railroad House Historical Association, Inc.