The Season To Give Back

The Holiday season is about to begin! This month is a great time to be thankful for what you have and to remember those in the community who have less. There are lots of ways you can help make the Sanford community a better place for all!

One of the best ways to give back is volunteer. is the best resource to find all sorts of opportunities to assist organizations that help make Sanford a happier and more connected community. Today we will be showcasing just a few of those organizations and causes.

First is Lee County Libraries. The Library is a vital part of our community, and they always support of volunteers. There are a ton of ongoing needs help the library stay up to date and run smoothly. The currently library needs help relabeling old books, sorting through new book donations and as always performing general library tasks. If you are in school and looking to help, the library accepts general volunteers 14 and older.

If you prefer to do more physical work or have skills in electrical, plumbing or sheet rock installation, consider helping Sanford Habitat for Humanity build a new house for a local family in need. This project is for people 18 or over, but no matter your skill level they could use your help! The Habitat ReStore also needs help with placement of merchandise and general upkeep. This opportunity is available to youth ages 14 and up if they are accompanied by a parent. If you find yourself too busy to volunteer in these busy months, the ReStore is always accepts donations of surplus building materials, used furniture, appliances, household items and even cars! Of course monetary donations are always welcome, and if you own a business consider becoming a sponsor. Click here for more information on donation.

Finally, if you’re a stay at home parent, Lee County Schools always needs help from volunteers. Right now B. T. Bullock Elementary School is looking for volunteers to help create a “book room” to organize all of the different books the school owns and make it easier for teachers to quickly find the books and materials they need. They are also looking for volunteer tutors to help students grade K-5 with reading and math. If you have the time, consider contacting your child’s school and seeing how they could use your help.

As the season continues, there are sure to be more and more needs from organizations in the Sanford community. If you want to stay up to date, follow Volunteer Lee on Facebook.