The Purple Poodle Co.

Our Welcome to Sanford Business of the Week is The Purple Poodle Co, a unique boutique located in Downtown Sanford which sells clothes, bath products, home goods and an assortment of whimsical decorative items.

Owner Nicole Allen started the Purple Poodle Co. in February 2019 as an online store, and  opened a physical location on Steele st. in November of 2019. She handpicks each item, striving to find unique items that wouldn’t be found in a regular store.

“Every product to me is something that I would use, wear or have in my home … every product is special to me in some way. It’s actually kind of sad when I sell something that I really love, but I’m happy that it’s going to a new home.”

Nicole aims to find ethically sourced products, and items handmade in the United States. She also focuses on finding vendors who give back to the community through charities and support of local organizations, with a specific focus on mental health organizations.

Nicole was born in Sanford, and has lived in Sanford for 15 years. On having a business in Sanford, she says “I like the feel of downtown, where you can park your car and go from store to store to store … I just really like the downtown atmosphere.”

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