The Essential Businesses Of The Week

With the State-Wide Stay At Home Order taking effect tonight at 5:00 PM, it’s important to know which businesses will remain open during the crisis. These businesses, especially the smaller, local ones, depend upon our support to keep the doors open. You can click here read the official executive order detailing the full details.

Grocery Stores: As we know, grocery stores and supermarkets will remain open for the duration of the stay-at-home order, but did you know that certified farmers markets as well as produce stands are included in this category?

Restaurants:  Restaurants and food trucks are allowed to remain open for delivery or take-out orders. While many are still open for business, some are remaining closed in order to protect the health of their employees.

Transportation: Gas stations and other businesses necessary for transportation including auto supply, dealerships, auto-repair, tire shops, towing, construction equipment, and bike repair shops.

Medical: Doctor’s offices will remain open, although many are recommending remote, telemedicine appointments. Pharmacies will also remain open so that you can pick up your necessary prescriptions.

Financial Institutions: Banks, currency exchanges, and consumer lenders, as well as insurance companies, will remain open.

Home Improvement & Hardware: Stores which sell building supplies and materials, electrical, plumbing, and heating materials will remain open.

Parks & Trails: While most entertainment facilities such as movie theaters and bowling allies will be closed, it is encouraged for you to get out and exercise while maintaining a minimum six feet of distance from others. Playgrounds at parks are closed, however.

At all of these locations, it is important to respect the employees and other customers by maintaining social distancing of at least six feet. There are many more restrictions and exemptions to the stay at home order, read the official executive order to learn more.

Stay at stay, stay safe, and stay healthy Sanford!