Taking A Stroll Through Sanford History

Perhaps you’re looking for something that is fun and active for your family to enjoy during the July 4 week.  One great option that combines history and health is a stroll along Sanford’s Mural Art Trail. It’s a perfect summer activity for families with kids of all ages. At 1.33 miles in distance, the route is an ideal duration, filled with lots to look at and talk about.

The trail begins and ends at Depot Park in the historic downtown district and allows its participants a chance to see all the downtown Sanford murals that have completed to date, beginning with the World War II Dedication mural at the corner of Charlotte Street and Moore Street. Of course with lots of shops, more interesting brick buildings and eating establishments along the way, travelers can move as fast or slow as they wish.

The final stop is a fun, 3-D mural that pays tribute to the legendary Fairview Dairy.  With some visual sleight of hand, it appears that cows are peeking around the corner at a carton of milk. The trail can be even more enjoyable if parents do some advance prep, familiarize themselves with the themes of the murals and share information and questions with the younger travelers. In doing so, kids can make the experience an interactive one that helps them learn and share their observations.

Click here to get a PDF version of the Sanford Mural Art Trail map & brochure.