Summer Travel Safety Measures

Even in a time when many people are staying closer to home, it’s a good idea to incorporate safety and security in to travel plans. If a family vacation, extended weekend getaway or overnight stay are in your immediate plans, please be sure to keep these tips in mind during travel time.

• Never post your travel plans on social media, like Facebook or Twitter.
• Remember to have all home deliveries like mail, newspapers and packages stopped for the duration of your trip, or have a neighbor or friend you trust pick them up for you.
• Plan on taking minimal cash with you and use credit cards and traveler’s checks while away.
• Set up automatic timers in your home to switch lights and the radio or television on or off throughout the day.
• Ensure that all doors and windows to your home are closed and locked before leaving. Set your home alarm if you have one.
• When travelling, take notice of stairwells and fire exits when you check into your hotel room.
• Ask the front desk clerk at the hotel if there are unsafe areas to avoid when sightseeing.
• Only take what you need with you for the day and avoid displaying large amounts of cash when making a purchase.

These timely tips, combined with a healthy dose of common sense, will help ensure your that your summer travels land squarely in the fun column!

Wellness Wednesday content courtesy of Central Carolina Hospital.