Summer Re-Runs, Part 1

It happens nearly every week …  we finalize our Monday Artist of the Week column and always have more samples of our featured artist’s work, than we have space to devote! So we’re going to take a few weeks during the “dog days of summer,” to share some additional artwork you may not have seen before.  Then, after your creative juices are flowing, please click on the links of our featured artists to see more examples of their work and to learn more about their artistry.

Carolyn Rotter is the first painter we featured in our Artist of the Week column. An area resident for over a decade, Carolyn has earned several honors in the Sanford Brush & Palette Club’s annual show. As this montage suggests, Carolyn’s subjects cover a wide range.

Chris Dalton is one of the area’s best-known, widely viewed and diverse artists.  The first picture in this week’s column features Chris posing with one of her many noteworthy mural creations that adorn Sanford. In addition to her creative painting, Chris works in sculptures, figurines and even duck decoys and carousel horses!

Area portrait photographer Steven Ashmore does considerably more than photograph subjects for corporate headshots and family portraits. As his featured column in early February demonstrated, Steven also enjoys creating oil painting portraits, where photographs are augmented by painted brush strokes. Steven’s artistry as a photographer of a wide-range of subjects also shines through in many of his other pictures, such as this black & white photo of train tracks.

Doug Rowe is another local painter with a sizable following.  Known fondly by some of his fans and followers as “the airplane guys,” one of Doug’s frequent subjects is various forms of aviation.  Doug comes to this passion legitimately as an instructor pilot and aircraft commander in the United States Air Force. Doug was even born while his father was serving at an air force base — Whiteman Air Force Base, just outside of Kansas City. Here’s a work of Doug’s that we were unable to squeeze into his featured column, called Another Mission Tomorrow.

Earlier this year we also enjoyed the opportunity to meet Sarah Lawrence. Sarah’s 100th birthday takes place this November and she was enthusiastically nominated for recognition by her granddaughter Becky. Sarah has enjoyed creating various forms of art throughout her life, particularly experiencing the job that her paintings, sculptures and artistic greeting cards have provided to family members and friends.  For many decades, it’s truly been a treat and an honor to receive one of Sarah’s hand-made greeting cards. Here we see an example of Sarah’s aquatic artistic prowess.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this return visit to some of the work we were proud to feature earlier in 2019.  There’s a lot more artwork waiting in our archives and we look forward to sharing more of it with you in the weeks to come!

Artist of the Week is a feature that is devoted to Sanford’s dynamic arts community and the hundreds of talented individuals who are a part of it. Painters — potters — performing artists — musicians and much more! If you, or someone you know, is deserving of recognition, please click here, or on the Artist of Week badge and fill out a nomination document.