Summer Camps Bring Special Benefits For Special Needs Kids

In many respects, special needs children benefit more from summer camps than attendees from the general population. shares 4 ways that summer camps provide significant value for our special kids.

Social Skills – Often, the combination of fun activities and close, supportive expert supervision can help kids really come out of their shells. Kids who may feel “different” at home may find it easier to make friends with children with similar challenges.

Physical Activity – Special needs camps often excel in providing children with games, sports and outdoor activities that are compatible with their abilities. Children sometimes find it hard to participate in gym classes and sports at home, but have a chance to flourish these environments.

Starring Roles – One of the greatest blessings of special needs summer camps is their ability to help kids experience success and realize where their talents and strengths reside. Like everyone else, these campers gain a sense of pride when they experience success and accomplishments.

Progress Reports – If children attend the same camps every summer, their progress is visible for them and others to see. As kids surpass physical, academic, intellectual and social mileposts, they gain even more confidence that will serve them well throughout the coming year and well beyond.