Local Summer Camp Selections For Your Children

Our Family First column last week discussed factors you should consider in helping to determine the type or types of summer camps and programs that can be a good fit for your children, and family as a whole. This week, we’ll take a look at specific programs in the area and beyond that might be good candidates. Please be sure to check with each camp’s specific plans, as sometimes things can change.

San-Lee Park has Summer Camp Programs for full-day and half-day students that help children learn about the environment and nature. Each week has a different theme, so children can attend more than one week of camp. Camps have a wide range of activities including games, hikes, crafts, stories, and field trips. You can learn more and register at the Lee County website, or by calling

Lee County 4-H is hosting Summer STEAM camp throughout the summer in conjunction with NC State, to allow kids to gain practical knowledge and fun experiences in areas such as science, technology and math. More information about this program is coming soon here.

Sanford’s Triangle YMCA will be hosting Camp Voyager for kids in grades 5-to-5, at the Bullock Elementary School. This is a full-day camp format that includes activities such as swimming, sports, games, arts & crafts, archery, songs, cheers, and more. You can learn more and register here.

There are also plenty of sports-themed leagues and camps taking place throughout the summer. The Sandhillskids website has done a great job of assembling plenty of programs for you to learn more about here.

For many kids, summer is the ideal time to learn more as well. Central Carolina Community College has a full range of Youth Summer camps covering topics such as Teen Cooking, Adventures in Arts and Exploring & Learning, being held at their campuses throughout the region. The Lee County High School website has links to several summer programs that are academically focused at colleges around the country, or key in on a specific academic activity, such as Central Carolina Hospital‘s Teen Volunteer Program.

Some local churches and private schools also develop summer camp programs for kids and usually have detailed information on their websites. You can also encourage your school aged children to try to find out what plans their friends and classmates have for the summer.

The good news is that there countless numbers of options to make this summer a special, memorable time.  The important news, is to make plans now, so that the popular program that is a good fit for your child doesn’t get “sold out” before you can enroll.  Good luck, and happy camping!