Our Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is a true power couple – Sergio & Dana, who collectively record and perform as the group Sterling.  The primary focus of Sterling music could be considered as Contemporary Christian Music and the band incorporates a wide range of styles and sounds into their material.  For many years Sergio & Dana performed as Unplugged, and built a steady, loyal following of local fans.  As they began preparation to record their first album of original music last year, it became clear that their sound had evolved and that “Unplugged” was no longer an accurate description of their musical identity.  Thus, a new name, Sterling, which was chosen because it speaks of refinement and excellence.

Both Dana and Sergio have enjoyed long tenures in performing music, including their work with music teams at local churches.  Dana’s prominence began in high school, when she earned all state recognition as a violinist.  Her vocal skills grew over time, as she performed lead and harmonies at public shows, private events, and most notably at Tramway Baptist Church. Dana comes from a musical family and loves many genres of music.  Although vocals and violin are her forte, Dana is also becoming an accomplished pianist. As a result, keyboards are also emerging as a part of the group’s on-stage and in-studio music.

Sergio provides guitars and background vocals to the band’s sound. He spent many of his formative years in Europe and was able to develop his own personalized guitar stylings through his time in New York, where he performed extensively in churches and coffee houses. Sergio’s influences and original music cover a good deal of distance, touching down in both acoustic and electric guitar camps.  His writing and on-stage performances reflect this diversity.

Sterling’s self-titled debut CD was released in August 2018 and includes the exceptional first single God of Love. The CD is available locally at Carpenter’s Shop and Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar, as well as at digital online stores, such as Google Play, iTunes and Spotify.  Sterling music has also been added to playlists at Moondog Radio and GPI Ministries internet radio stations.

Loaded with polished guitars, synth, drums and exceptional vocals, the music reflects Dana & Sergio’s faith journey and embraces the role that music and message brings to their witness. Another good example of their music can be found in their song called Beautifully Broken.  As Sergio & Dana observe, “It can probably be said of most artists, that original songs are written from the artist’s life story. This has been especially true for us. Both of us have lived life’s ups and downs. The journey has birthed stories in the form of music. Some people paint their journey. Others write books about their journey. Sterling writes music of their journey. Instead of letting life draw us away from God, it has actually drawn us closer.”

Sergio & Dana are both are Senior Ordained Chaplains, Certified Youth Pastors/Leaders and have  Associates Degrees in Biblical Studies. Over the years, they have traveled nationally and internationally with their music ministry and have shared how their story is shadowed by God’s story. In addition to doing the kind of customary live concert bookings that are commonplace for many groups, Sterling can also perform at ministry events, revival meetings, youth conferences and worship services.  They are even available for weddings … both as celebrants and performers.

We invite you enjoy Good To Me, another track from the band’s debut album. For more music and information about Sterling, please visit their website at

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