Stephen Roman – Lee County High School

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Stephen Roman from Lee County High School. Mr. Roman has been an educator for over two decades and has been a science teacher at the high school and middle school levels at various stages of his career.  In his time at LCHS, Mr. Roman has taught chemistry and biology and has served as an adviser for the school’s quiz bowl team, among other activities.  He is also certified to teach secondary math and ESL.

Continuous improvement has been central to Mr. Roman’s career. He holds an Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Physics from Dartmouth College, a Masters of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and a graduate school degree in Science Education from Rutgers University. In 2019, Mr. Roman earned National Board Certification status, becoming one of only 46 teachers in the school district to achieve this accomplishment.

The National Board Certification process can be intense, grueling and time-consuming, particularly for an educator such as Mr. Roman who is often involved in a number of extracurricular activities at school.  Mr. Roman ultimately worked at embracing the challenge, viewing it as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.  He comments, “As an educator, I don’t want to remain complacent – teaching is a career, not a job. If I don’t continue to grow as a teacher, how can I expect my students to grow as learners?”

Mr. Roman sees his certification as one more reflection of the way he approaches his role as a teacher, noting “Your accomplishments show in how you work with students, teachers, administrators, parents – how you carry out your day-to-day work to the best of your ability, how you build relationships within your school and community. That is how it matters to students – what you bring to the classroom every day, and the person you are every day, everywhere.”