“Sign Of The Times” . . . Ghosts Coming To Downtown Sanford!

The City of Sanford’s Public Arts Sub-Committee is moving beyond its popular Mural Arts Program, by adding “Ghost Signs” to the downtown visitor experience.  Ghost signs, sometimes referred to as fading ads, are old advertisements that were painted on brick walls in previous decades, have faded over time, and get touched up for better legibility.

The Sub-Committee is soliciting bids from North Carolina artists to bring 3 downtown wall advertisements “back to life” by spring of 2018.  The specific signage is for —

  • Sanford Business College at 102 South Steele Street (west facing)
  • Lee Furniture at 102 South Steele Street (south facing)
  • Snowdrift at 101-109 Wicker Street (south facing)

These 3 wall signs, as well as additional murals, arts initiatives and revitalization projects in downtown Sanford and Historic Jonesboro are all part of the Lee County Arts Trail. Click here for a brochure of the current stops on the trail.