Scott Nurkin

Our Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week on January 21 was the popular Chris Dalton, whose many artistic accomplishments include creation of many of the murals that are displayed throughout Sanford on the Mural Art Tour. Today, we’ll shine the spotlight on the “other” muralist contributor on the tour, Scott Nurkin. Though not a Sanford native, Scott’s work has brought a great deal of pleasure and education to Sanford’s residents and guests, who travel past his murals every day.

In addition to his work in Sanford, Scott has been commissioned to paint and restore hundreds of works in communities throughout the Carolinas and beyond. His clients have included individual homeowners, restaurants & taverns, retailers, towns & cities, schools & universities and even professional sports teams and the North Carolina Zoo. Scott founded The Mural Shop in 2004 and has been busy “painting the town(s) red” (and blue, yellow and plenty of other colors) ever since. Scott’s work is very visible in communities such as Carthage and Chapel Hill, and he’s also been a participant in the Wall Poems of Charlotte visual arts initiative.

Scott has a passion for his work and especially loves the opportunity to participate in programs like Sanford’s mural initiative.  He comments, “Painting in small towns couldn’t be more different than painting in a place like Raleigh or Charlotte. When you paint in a smaller town, people are so much more receptive and happy that you take the time to acknowledge their town. Especially doing historical murals in towns, people want to tell you their story that relates to what you’re doing. I feel I’ve met half of Sanford at this point.”

One of Scott’s larger and more ambitious projects was this North Carolina Feed & Seed mural, located in Vass, North Carolina.

As an added bonus this week, to learn more about Sanford’s murals program and Scott’s experiences, we invite you to listen to this Municipal Equation podcast. Sanford’s Mayor Chet Mann and Public Information Director Kelly Miller take show producer Ben Brown on a tour of downtown, and share the story of the murals and the role they play in Sanford’s vitality.

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