Saving Clothes & Money Is Always In Fashion

With the return of the school year and impending colder weather around the corner, it’s a good time to finalize clothing plans for your children. Here are a handful of concepts to consider, that can extend the life of your kids’ existing clothes, augment them with economical additions, and get a return on your previous investments.

Here in Sanford there are a few second hand clothing stores that will allow you to consign and sell your gently used children’s clothing. They can also be an economical place to purchase fashionable colder weather second hand clothes for younger children who are growing rapidly. You can visit the Welcome To Sanford companion website Shop Local Sanford for a closer look at your local options.

Dozens of online websites, such as offer consignment and purchase options for children’s clothing as well. This option gets you a larger audience and possibly better resale, but with the added inconvenience of shipping. A quick internet search for terms such as online children’s clothing consignment will give you plenty of websites to choose from. Take a moment to research the terms and reputations of a few and choose the one that is the best fit for you.

In addition to friends and relatives, there are folks here in Lee County who can also benefit from clothes you wish to donate. Christians United Outreach, the Salvation Army and several churches in the area accept gently used clothes (as well as toys, books and baby items). The Suntopia website offers a full list of organizations in the region that will happily “recycle” your child’s clothing.

Of course, if you have a few children of the same gender in your home, it’s not a bad idea to set up a hand me down structure. Thrifty parents with experience in this area make the following recommendations. 1) As soon as an older sibling begins to outgrow a specific size, start a HMD bin and begin to fill it. Plastic bins with sealable lids work best. 2) Wash every clothing item before packing it away. 3) Examine each item before storing. Throw away heavily used and worn items. 4) Clearly mark each bin for future convenience. 5) Include a few dryer sheets in each bin to keep goods fresh. 6) Store in a dry, climate-controlled space.

There are plenty of ways to extend the life and value of your child’s clothing. Now is an ideal time to begin planning and to pick the option(s) that fit your situation best.