Sarah Tribuzio – J Glenn Edwards Elementary

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Sarah Tribuzio from J. Glenn Edwards Elementary School. Mrs. Tribuzio has been part of the Edwards family for the entirety of her four-year teaching career. She attended St. Joseph’s College for two years before finishing up at Campbell University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary and Special Education.

Mrs. Tribuzio’s teaching philosophy is two-fold. She feels that she needs to be stimulating in the classroom and she also feels that student-centered learning is highly important. “My philosophy as a teacher of the 21st century is to be adept at multiple disciplines and engaging in my methodology. I believe in a rigorous and academically challenging curriculum, utilizing diverse instructional strategies and integrating technology. My belief is also in creating a community of parents and families, encouraging open channels of communication. The most important goal is student growth! Every student can learn, no matter their pace of comprehension or developmental challenges. It is all about student-centered learning. I know I can provide an environment of positive learning practices for my students.”

Mrs. Tribuzio has a reputation at Edwards for being passionate and caring for her students.  As Second Grade Chair for the past 2 1/2 years despite her relatively brief time as a teacher, she notes, “There are many teaching accomplishments that I am proud of, including working with my students to reach proficiency in reading and math last year. Helping my students reach their highest potential is in ‘my book’ a big accomplishment.”

In her free time, Mrs. Tribuzio enjoys spending time with her husband, Daniel, her two fur babies, Pumpkin and Pepper, and her mother, Denise. She also loves to go to the beach and soak up the sun, watch new movies in the theatres or at home and to visit new places, whether near or far.  Mrs. Tribuzio wouldn’t trade her teaching job for the world. “I am so happy that I chose to be a teacher for my career. I could not see myself doing anything else. Teaching is definitely my calling; every time one of my students smiles, laughs or hugs me it warms my heart and makes everything I do worthwhile.”