Sarah Lawrence

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Artist of Week recipient is a very special nominee. Sarah Olive Lawrence was born in November 1919. She will celebrate her 100th birthday in November 2019!

Sarah was nominated for this recognition by her granddaughter Becky Whitaker. Sarah has had a life-long passion for art and creative expression and the joy she has found in her art, has also become something special that she has been able to share with many others.  Her personal life experiences and her dedication to artwork is truly an inspiring story.

Sarah grew up in Fayetteville, the daughter of a country doctor. She had 6 brothers and sisters. Her younger sister Georgia is her only surviving sibling and they share a birthday — 7 years apart.

Sarah came of age during the Great Depression. From a very young age she always had an eye for finding beauty in even the most mundane things. Art became a pleasurable hobby for her, but was never something she sought to pursue professionally.

Looking back to her younger days, Sarah says if she had it to do over again she would have attempted a career as a children’s book illustrator. But in the era when she came of age, few women pursued careers.  Those that did, often became nurses, secretaries, or teachers. So after graduating from Meredith College in 1940, Sarah became an elementary school teacher.

In addition to her talents in painting, prior to breaking her wrist and developing arthritis in her hands, Sarah was also an amazingly talented wood carver.


Over the years, Sarah’s love of artwork and dedication to family and friends led to very unique and much-anticipated type of art. Her specialty is creating one-of-a-kind greeting cards for friends and family. Her loved ones now eagerly await an original piece of her art to celebrate holidays and special events.

Sarah is a member of Sanford’s St. Luke United Methodist Church. She enjoys spending time with her daughters and sons-in-law, grandchildren, and extended family. We wish you an early Happy 100th Birthday Sarah and thank you for a lifetime of dedication to your craft!

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