Sanford, Lee County Release Coronavirus Guidance & Resource Information

The City of Sanford and Lee County have both updated their websites to include dedicated sections that provide specific information related to the COVID-19 virus. The Coronavirus Information sections for Sanford and Lee County respectively, include general resource information of value, as well as details on how the current epidemic will affect city services. Additionally, Lee County has established two dedicated phone numbers that area residents can call to get information about the virus and present situation. The Lee County NC COVID-19 Information Hotline number is 919-352-3360. The Lee County COVID-19 Emergency Update Line number is 919-718-4686.

In a recent Facebook post, Sanford Mayor Chet Mann noted, “Please take the Covid-19 virus warnings and protocols seriously. It is totally up to you to change your behavior. If your daily behavior and habits have not yet changed or changed just a little, you are not doing enough to save lives. Practice social distancing, give up large groups or having people over to your home for parties, and wash your hands often. Young people – don’t be so foolish to believe this does not affect or include you. Be patient. We are in day 7 of the 15 day process. We can get through this together. The choices you make might save your father, your brother, your grandmother, your friends lives and definitely those with compromised immune systems. Your actions could save your own life.”