SAGA, Mayor Mann Cite Sanford Progress & Momentum

Sanford Mayor Chet Mann served as a keynote speaker at Sanford’s June 2017 Public Policy Luncheon and used the occasion to spotlight Sanford Area Growth Alliance’s recent Prelude To Progress marketing program and draw attention to major examples of growth in the community.

Mayor Mann praised the 6-part series, which showcased community progress in areas such as economic development, infrastructure revitalization, arts & recreation, and workforce readiness. Mann specifically called attention to the economic impact of the Raleigh Executive Jetport and Temple Theatre, and noted “We’ve got so many businesses that have already come here. It’s really beginning to pay off. The fact that we were investing in ourselves and creating a walkable, friendly place that people could enjoy was important to them.”

Sanford’s Mayor also addressed the progress of House Bill 143, which bring a 3% occupancy lodging tax to Sanford to generate funds that would be earmarked for SAGA’s Visitors Services organization and initiatives.  According to Mann, “This year we’re very optimistic that we’re going to get that, and that would make a big difference in how we tell our story to the people outside of Sanford.”

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