Retro Gamers Elite

Today’s Welcome to Sanford Business of the Week is Retro Gamers Elite, a new shop located in Steele St. Mall which buys and sells retro video games, toys, anime, movies, t-shirts and more.

Owner Corey Stotts, who has lived in Sanford since 2002, has been a fan of collecting and reselling classic games and toys his entire life. In 2016, he started selling at the Harrington Flea Market under of the name “The Portal.” Earlier this year, along with his business partner Kelvin Hampton, he opened up Retro Gamers Elite in Steele St. Mall.

Some of Corey’s fondest early memories involve playing Super Mario Bros. and Contra on his NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Tetris on the original Gameboy he received from his stepfather. Today, he hopes to pass on his love of these classic games to a new generation. Some of his favorite products to collect, discuss, and pass on are the classic 80s toys he grew up with such as Ninja Turtles, He-Man and Thundercats action figures.

Corey wants Retro Gamers Elite to be not just a store, but also a place where the community can come together and share their love of play. At Retro Gamers Elite, you can find demo set-ups of classic games as well as a handful arcade machines to play and enjoy. After the pandemic, Corey hopes to expand this aspect of his business to include retro game nights and tournaments.

Retro Gamers Elite also sells newer games systems such as the upcoming Playstation 5, and merchandise for modern franchises such as Fortnite and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This Saturday, September 12th, Retro Gamers Elite will be having a special promotion as part of the Downtown Alive Second Saturdays series running through November. This Saturday, if you like and share the Retro Gamers Elite Facebook page or Instagram page @retrogamerselite, you can get 15% off your total order!

Retro Gamers Elite is located in Steele St. Mall at 144 Steele Street and is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday. Make sure to follow their Facebook page for updates on new games and other items as they are in stock, and if you see something you like give them a call at 919-721-9879 so they can put it on hold for you!

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