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Sanford - Lee County Community Resources

When it’s time to plan your move to Sanford and Lee County, there are plenty of businesses and organizations who are eager to assist you in making the transition as easy as possible.

A full list of organizations and contact information appears further down the page.  Phone numbers listed for local police and fire departments are for non-emergency situations.  In case of an emergency at any time, from any location throughout Sanford or Lee County, please dial 911.

Windstream and Charter Spectrum are Lee County’s primary internet and cable providers.  Their services are available in nearly all of the county.  Time Warner Cable and CenturyLink have smaller service area footprints.  Click here and enter your zip code to learn more about the service providers in your area.

Local government websites are also filled with a lot of useful information.

The City of Sanford website includes dedicated pages for its departments, elected officials & administrators and employees, as well as resources for online utility bill pay and reporting non-emergency issues.

Visit these websites for detailed information about services provided by Lee County and the Town of Broadway.

Organization Service
Address Phone #
NC DMV Vehicle & License Renewal Automobile Services 331 Wilson Rd, Sanford 27332 919-774-6027
NC DOT Driver License Renewal Automobile Services 2210 Carthage St, Sanford 27330 919-776-1113
Charter Spectrum Cable/Internet 877-253-5993
Windstream Cable/Internet 855-837-8791
Sanford Herald Daily Newspaper 208 St Clair Court, Sanford 27330 919-708-9000
Central Carolina Community College Education 1105 Kelly Dr, Sanford 27332 919-775-5401
Lee County School District Education 106 Gordon St, Sanford 27330 919-774-6226
Lee County Senior High School Education 1708 Nash St, Sanford 27330 919-776-7541
Southern Lee High School Education 2301 Tramway Rd, Sanford 27332 919-718-2400
Central Electric Membership Electric Services 128 Wilson Road, Sanford 27332 919-774-4900
Duke Energy Electric Services 1025 Frazier Drive, Sanford 27332 Residential: 800-452-2777

Business: 866-582-6345

City of Sanford General Services 225 E Weatherspoon St, Sanford 27331 919-777-1190
Lee County Offices General Services 805 5th St, Sanford 27330 919-718-4622
Lee County Clerk of Courts Legal System 1400 S Horner Blvd, Sanford 27330 919-718-6300
Sanford Post Office Mail Services 1200 S Horner Blvd, Sanford 27330 800-275-8777
Central Carolina Hospital Medical Services 1135 Carthage St, Sanford 27330 919-774-2100
Lee County Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation 204 S Main St, Broadway 27505 919-775-2107
Register of Deeds Permiting Services 1408 S Horner Blvd, Sanford 27330 919-718-4585
Sanford Inspections & Permits Permiting Services 115 Chatham St, Sanford 27330 919-718-4654
Lee County Animal Control Safety Services 1450 N Horner Blvd, Sanford 919-776-7446
Lee County Sheriff’s Office Safety Services 1401 Elm St, Sanford 27331 919-718-4561
Sanford Fire Department Safety Services 225 E Weatherspoon St, Sanford 27331 919-777-1501
Sanford Police Department Safety Services 225 E Weatherspoon St, Sanford 27331 919-775-8268
Waste Industries Sanitation Services 866-423-4122
Lee County Social Services Social Services 530 Carthage St, Sanford 27330 919-718-4690
County Tax Department Tax Services 106 Hillcrest Dr, Sanford 27330 919-718-4660
Board of Elections Voter Registration 106 Gordon St, Sanford 27330 919-718-4646
City of Sanford Water Department Water Services 225 E Weatherspoon St, Sanford 27331 919-775-8215


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