Reba Bowman – Greenwood Elementary School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Reba Ann Calloway Bowman of Greenwood Elementary School. The school’s Teacher of the Year for 2018-19 has been a teacher since 1978 and a part of the Hornet family since 1998.

Mrs. Bowman believes every student has great potential. “My goal each day is to help students see their potential and to work toward it. My hope is to inspire, challenge and support students through every step of their journey.”

If you ask Mrs. Bowman if she loves her job, she will tell you that “loves” is an understatement. “I am living my dream! I have wanted to be a teacher since the fourth grade. In elementary school, I had a teacher who asked me to help other students, and I was instantly hooked. I loved helping others learn and knew I wanted to make that my life’s work.”

While she will tell you that she is fortunate to have many wonderful teaching experiences, Mrs. Bowman does have a certain experience that shines brighter than the others. “My favorite experience that I get to have over and over again is watching students take the information I have helped them gain and use it to solve problems. As I hear them explain their thinking and the steps they used to solve a problem, it is music to my ears.”