Rainy Day Fun From Home!

It’s looking like it’s going to be a rainy weekend in Sanford, and with all events and public gatherings cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak it looks like the only option is to have fun at home! Today, we’ll be sharing some ideas for how to keep yourselves entertained at home this weekend.

Note: The Temple Theater Company has cancelled all future showings of Steel Magnolias.

If you don’t have a pollen allergy, you could go for a hike at one of Sanford’s parks before the rain hits on Saturday. Just remember to keep a minimum of 6 feet distance between yourself and other hikers, and wash your hands immediately after touching any shared surfaces.

If you’d like to watch some family movies, Frozen 2, Ice Age, and Black Panther were recently added to Disney+. New on Netflix this month are Space Jam, Hugo, and Kung Fu Panda 2. Finally, Hulu has seen the recent additions of Free Willy and Super 8. Definitely a good mix of recent films and family classics!

If you’re looking for something novel to watch, a number of zoos and aquariums which have closed are doing live broadcasts and special videos to bring the zoo to you! For instance the Georgia Aquarium has a number live streams showing different exhibits. You can see those by visiting their website. The San Diego Zoo has 11 different live cams you can view on their website as well.

You could even virtually visit a museum! Through the Google Arts & Culture site, you can visit the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam, view and learn about art and even do a virtual tour as though you were walking around the museum!

If you’re looking to get some exercise and keep yourself calm in these stressful times, why not try out some yoga? You could try out this beginner yoga video on Youtube, or you could follow a live stream on the Planet Fitness Facebook page. They have been live streaming daily “work-ins” at 7:00 PM since last Monday.

There are a ton of ways to have a weekend at home with your family while still learning and bonding! Check back next Friday for more ideas, and follow us on Facebook for the daily updates on Sanford history, events, news, and more.