Progress Continues On Central Carolina Enterprise Park

Sanford and Lee County moved another step closer in the creation of the Central Carolina Enterprise Park in an April 2017 meeting, as Sanford City Council unanimously voted to annex 6 parcels of land, totalling nearly 800 acres of property. Incorporating the additional land in north central Lee County near the Colon Road exit off of US 1 brings additional municipal services, such as water and sewer, police & fire protection and street maintenance to the new area, compliments of the City of Sanford.

CCEP is envisioned to become a 225 acre industrial park that can ultimately play a key role in the county’s economic development goal of creating 1,000 local jobs in the area by 2020. By providing municipal services to the area, the city will make it easier for the CCEP management group to compete for new business. While the City of Sanford is making tangible investments in the area’s infrastructure, the county has invested significant funds in area roadway creation and will be providing fiber optic infrastructure to the area.

Infrastructure costs incurred in the short-term by the City of Sanford, are expected to represent a small investment that will lead to a significant increase in the local tax base. According to Sanford Mayor Chet Mann, “expanding our tax base (by adding more businesses), we’ll hopefully be able to lower taxes.” Mann also believes that by getting infrastructure in place in the near future, the CCEP will have a competitive advantage over other industrial parks in the region, in recruiting new businesses to the area.