VA Cash Out Program Gives Veterans Lots Of Flexibility

Homeowners are quite familiar with the concept and power of a well-timed refinance loan. For veterans with an interest in refinancing options, there’s another program worth considering, that can help provide a great deal of flexibility.  It’s called the VA Cash Out Refinance.

However … although the Veterans Administration calls it a “cash out” refi, the homeowner doesn’t need to get cash from the transaction.  There are a number of ways that qualified veteran homeowners can put this program to effective use.

They include —

  • Refinance a conventional, USDA or FDA loan
  • Debt consolidation
  • Downpayment for rental property or vacation home
  • Cash infusion for home improvements
  • Cash infusion for other purposes
  • Paying off construction loans

There are a lot of advantages and plenty of things to consider regarding VA Cash Out Refinance options. This Team Move blog post has plenty of information to help veterans make well-informed decisions about whether the cash out refi is the right vehicle. Interested parties can also contact the Team Move Sanford office at 919-777-0114 for more information and answers to questions about this program.