Physical Therapy From Head To Toe

If you or a loved one are in constant physical discomfort, don’t overlook the benefits of physical therapy.  October is National Physical Therapy Awareness Month, and you might be surprised at the wide range of conditions that PT can address. The American Physical Therapy Association includes over a dozen conditions and circumstances that can benefit from a physical therapy regimen, ranging from arthritis, infectious diseases and balance problems, to neonatal care, genetic conditions and hospice care.

Traditionally, there have been 3 practical reasons to consider physical therapy. As a general rule, physical therapy can help optimize movement, an especially important consideration in the aging population. Physical therapy can also speed up the recovery process after surgery or illness. Bodies were made to be active; physical therapists can work with their patients to design treatment plans to meet specific physical challenges. Finally, in some cases, such as disk disease, rotator cuff tears and spinal stenosis. physical therapy can delay or eliminate the need for surgery.

In today’s society, there is now an important 4th consideration — avoidance of opioids. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is strongly urging health care providers to use physical therapy when practical, as a safer alternative to treating long-term pain, than prescriptions for opioids. Here in Sanford, Central Carolina Hospital‘s Rehabilitation Department provides physical and occupational therapy for inpatient and outpatient care. Please feel free to call a CCH therapist at 919-774-2255 to schedule an appointment or discuss your specific situation.