Paola DeAvila – Southern Lee High

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Paola De Avila of Southern Lee High School. Ms. De Avila is an ESL and Spanish for native speakers teacher and has been a Cavalier for the entirety of her three-year teaching career. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice and Master’s of Science in Management from Kaplan University and a Lateral Entry Program Certification (license in Spanish and ESL) from N.C. State University.

In addition to being a teacher, Ms. De Avila is also the Spanish Club Advisor, Assistant Coach for Girls’ Soccer, and an English Learner Advisory Council Member.

Ms. De Avila believes that a critical factor in the success of a student is highly dependent on how vested everyone is, from the teacher to the student to the parent’s involvement, through both communication and contribution. “As an ESL teacher, I monitor, empower and incentivize all of the students in the ESL program, to reach and sustain higher levels of thinking and performance, in order for them to achieve their academic goals. I emphasize the importance of this philosophy by connecting personally with both the parent and the student, by providing support in and out of the classrooms and by creating an environment where the students feel safe, cared for, respected and accepted.”

Ms. De Avila’s proudest teaching accomplishments all revolve around her students’ growth. “The teaching accomplishment I am proudest of is during the 2017-18 school year, I was able to exit 17 students from the ESL program in addition to 70.4 percent of my students showing English Proficiency Growth when they took the ACCESS test.”

And when she’s not in school, Ms. De Avila likes to work out at the gym, read, watch scary movies and spend time with her friends and family.