Pandemic Precautions For The Holiday Season

This week’s column concludes our 3-part series on COVID-19 Holiday Guidance, compliments of Central Carolina Hospital. In addition to holiday travel plans and guidelines for in-person events, it’s also a good idea to take general precautions throughout this festive season.

For starters, when practical, limit in-person celebrations to members of your immediate household. Augment your guest list by including other friends and loved ones using online video apps like Zoom and FaceTime. This combination poses the lowest risk for infection and spread of COVID-19 and may actually allow you to increase your number of “attendees.”

If other in-person gatherings are likely, remember that each poses varying levels of risk, depending on a variety of factors including:

  • The current number of COVID-19 cases in our own community
  • Degree of COVID-19 spread in any communities where potential out-of-town guests may be traveling from
  • Indoor versus outdoor locations (indoors poses a greater risk)
  • The number of guests (more people = more risk)

As our friends at Central Carolina Hospital remind us, like many things this year, the 2020 holiday season will look a bit different and will be a bit more complicated to navigate. By following these tips, we can celebrate as safely as possible while ensuring that we’re doing what we can to defeat COVID-19, protect our health and make our community – and our holidays – as healthy as possible.