New Year’s Resolutions – Family Style

As parents and adult family members, our eyes are always open for teachable moments and the new year is a perfect opportunity. Why not set aside some time for quality family conversation over the next week or two, and arrive at some resolutions you can do together, to make 2018 an even more positive year?

Here are some paths your resolutions can take.  You might consider trying to come up with one from each category. Arrive at the specific resolutions as a group, after some good conversation.

Health & Wellness — The new year is a good time to introduce or reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  The age of your kids is likely to help determine the actual path you take, but it could involve cutting down on sweets or snacks, doing a better job of eating veggies, or finding a fitness-related activity the family can do together.  As the parent, you can use this occasion to serve healthier meals as well.

Common Courtesy — Are there bad habits that your kids have gotten into lately like talking back, picking on siblings, not putting away toys?  Use the new year conversation to get buy-in and acceptance from your children and reinforce the importance of acting responsibly.

Family Fun — A very important part of the family-oriented resolution concept is the collaboration.  Use this goal-setting discussion as a starting point to doing more things together.  Brainstorm as a group and see what you can come up with. Maybe you can prepare a Sunday evening meal together, or establish a family fun & games, or movie night, or even talk about a charitable activity you can do together.

Self-Improvement — Are your older kids staying up too late, skipping breakfasts, or more likely … spending too much time with their phones or video games?  Are you still texting & driving? Are there classes in school where your child could improve his or her grades? The new years resolution ritual is a good time for honest self-evaluation for all of us. Take advantage of it, individually and as a family.