Mural Program Ready To Jazz Up Jonesboro

The latest addition to Sanford’s celebrated Mural Arts Program is moving closer to completion. The first painted artwork to arrive in the Jonesboro section is located at 104 Main Street and will honor the Jonesboro Cornet Band, a popular musical group in Lee County in the early 1900s. Orange County Artist Scott Nurkin has been commissioned by the Sanford Appearance Commission to create this 7th work of art in the series.

Scott, who has been the muralist for 5 other works in the program, has completed roughly a week’s worth of work on the mural and is scheduled to return for completion late in July. The dedication celebration is scheduled for August 19 from 4-8pm. As a reminder, residents and guests of Sanford can already enjoy the 6 wall paintings in place in downtown Sanford, by taking a 1.33 walking tour of the Mural Art Trail.