More Than Holiday Shopping, This Marketplace Paves The Way To Good Health

Many people think of Thanksgiving week as the start of serious holiday shopping, but there is another marketplace that deserves the attention of many people. The Health Insurance Marketplace provides low-cost 2020 health insurance coverage for millions who would otherwise be without health insurance; or who are interested in taking advantage of more cost-effective alternatives to their current coverage. Open enrollment in the marketplace continues until December 15, so there is still time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Central Carolina Hospital CEO Spencer Thomas encourages local residents to give consideration to the marketplace. He notes, “”Having health insurance is an important part of your health journey, and the Health Insurance Marketplace has made comprehensive coverage more possible for many people. Health insurance allows you to be proactive when it comes to your health by taking advantage of preventive care services and other resources that can help detect disease earlier and help manage chronic conditions. And by staying on top of your health and the health of your family, you’re contributing significantly to making our community healthier, too.”

Until December 15, enrollees can sign up for new coverage if they currently lack it. They can also make changes to current coverage or simply renew their current plan for another year.  It’s also a good idea to update Marketplace applications each year with expected income and household information for new year. This makes it easier to take advantage of the best plan, features and savings for the new year. Also of note, individuals or families who have recently experienced a major life event, such as health coverage loss, marriage, adoption or having a baby, may qualify for an extended special enrollment period after December 15.

Central Carolina Hospital has prepared more in-depth information that can help you learn about conditions that are covered in all marketplace plans, as well as other steps and considerations that can come into play, as you decide on the right health insurance plan for you. Click here to learn more about the Health Insurance Marketplace.