Moncure Megasite Wastewater Deal Approved

The City of Sanford has helped the region move one step closer to the creation of one of North Carolina’s leading corporate business megasites by approving a deal that will provide Chatham County with wastewater resources for the location. By unanimous vote, Sanford City Council approved the plan that will allow Sanford to provide the megasite and Chatham County with a million gallons of wastewater service on a daily basis.

The contract sets into motion a collaborative agreement that take water lines from the Sanford treatment plant to the site.  At an estimated cost of $11M, installation will be paid for by a $4M Golden LEAF Foundation grant to Sanford, and evenly split investments by Sanford and Chatham County. Once the lines are in place, Chatham County will pay Sanford several hundred thousand dollars a year for water. Funds secured by that arrangement will be allocated to help cover the cost of line construction.

Access to wastewater was the final infrastructure need for the site, located just across the county line from Lee County, to begin in earnest.  According to Sanford Mayor Chet Mann, “we’ve checked the last box off for hopefully the leading megasite in our region.”

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