Millie Ray Harris – Warren Williams Alternative Elementary School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Millie Ray Harris, a Pre-K teacher at Warren Williams Alternative Elementary School. Mrs. Harris — also the recipient of the school’s 2017-18 Teacher of the Year award — has been with Warren Williams for five years and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in B-K from Fayetteville State University, as well as a B-K license from Campbell University.

Mrs. Harris believes that each child should be taught as an individual. “All children are active learners and should be taught as an individual. Inclusive classrooms allowing hands-on experience and play is the most effective learning approach. Being creative and conscious of each student’s strengths, weaknesses and their level of development will help each child meet challenging and achievable learning goals.”

What inspired Mrs. Harris to pursue a teaching degree was herself. She was a very shy child and didn’t receive the support she needed from her teachers. “As a teacher assistant, I watched how the teacher I was placed with supported each student’s individual needs. No student was neglected. I was inspired to share this love and support with all students in my care.”

In her free time, Mrs. Harris enjoys going to church, serving God and spending time with her family — husband of 18 years, her daughter and two stepchildren — and friends.