Mertek, Pedley Earn State Business Recognition For 2017

Sanford automation manufacturing company Mertek, and its owner & founder Jerry Pedley capped off a year of state and national recognition, honored as Business North Carolina magazine’s 2017 Small Business of the Year. In the time since the company’s establishment in 2010, Mertek has leveraged its expertise and enthusiasm for robotics, creating dozens of diverse products from car engine parts to cosmetics cases in its manufacturing warehouse on the north side of Sanford.

Business North Carolina’s panel of judges were especially impressed with the Mertek backstory.  Pedley founded Electro-Mechanical Specialties in the same location in 1990 and built a successful manufacturing company, which he sold to a Canadian corporation in 2002. By 2010, the Canadian company was bankrupt, the warehouse Pedley still owned was silent, and the former operation and employees were out of business.  So Pedley regrouped, founded Mertek, and built a new company. An organization that was formed with roughly 20 rehired employees now numbers close to 50.

Dubbed in the magazine’s December cover story as Mr. Robot, Pedley’s emphasis on the future of robotics, and the role it will inevitably play in smart manufacturing processes extends far beyond the innovative plant, and generated additional recognition in the past year. In July 2017, Pedley was the National Academy Foundation’s NAF Advisory Board Champion of the Year, for his active involvement in manufacturing and mentoring with Lee County Schools. Pedley was one of 3 business leaders in the entire country to be honored with this award. Pedley was also recognized at the conclusion of 2016-17 academic year by Lee County Schools as 1 of 2 recipients of the Superintendent’s Extra Effort Award, for his active involvement in the school district.

Welcome To Sanford adds our congratulations and thank you to Jerry Pedley and the team at Mertek for all the ways you support the Sanford – Lee County community.