Meet The Ghosts Of Sanford

Looking for a fun fall activity to do this weekend?? Spirits of Sanford is hosting a Ghost Walk this Saturday! Sanford City Councilman Jimmy Haire will be leading participants to haunted locales throughout downtown Sanford and will be telling stories about local history.

The ghost walk will begin at the Historic Railroad House on Charlotte Avenue and travel along Chatham, Moore and Steele streets, stopping at spooky local sites like the historic Buggy Factory, the Lee Furniture building and the abandoned offices above Added Accents boutique.

“Some of the places we will be going by we’ve actually done investigations in, and have gotten some paranormal activity,” said Donna Strickland, event organizer and Spirits of Sanford co-founder.

The walk will also stop at Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar for a presentation on the 1925 Coal Glen mine disaster, the worst coal mining disaster in North Carolina’s history.

Strickland added the guide, Jimmy Haire, “is a phenomenal historian for the town of Sanford and the county of Lee.” Jimmy Haire is also the historian behind our Throwback Thursday feature this week!

The ghost walk is at 8pm and 10pm and is $20 per person. In case of bad weather, the event will be canceled.