Mary Beth Wiltshire – Tramway Elementary

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Mary Beth Wiltshire from Tramway Elementary School. Mrs. Wiltshire is an enthusiastic art teacher at Tramway. She has a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, with a minor in Art from Meredith College and obtained her teaching license via East Carolina University.  Mrs. Wiltshire began her teaching career as a tutor, advancing up the ranks to teacher’s assistant, then to a position as a third grade teacher and now teaches art. She was recently recognized as the Tramway Elementary Teacher of the Year for the 2019-20 school year.

Tramway Elementary School Principal Andrea Sloan is one of Mrs. Wiltshire’s biggest fans.  She comments “Mary Beth Wiltshire ends every art class just as enthusiastically as it begins. Throughout the hallways, you will hear “space and color, space and color” to the tune of “Frere Jacques” to review with students the elements of art. Mrs. Wiltshire is a team player in the truest sense and brings such a calming, welcoming presence to our staff. We are so proud to lead and learn alongside her each day.”

Mrs. Wiltshire looks forward to teaching her students each week and hopes to inspire their inner creativity! Asked to outline her specific objectives for her classes, Mrs. Wiltshire responds, “My goal, as the art teacher, at Tramway is to:

  • inspire her students to create and imagine
  • explore the many mediums used to create art
  • learn about past, present and future artists
  • know about our community artists
  • teach students how to critique each others work
  • present artwork to peers
  • work collaboratively to create art to display at Tramway”

In her spare time, Mrs. Wiltshire enjoys spending time with her family, reading and creating.