“March” Into Better Nutrition Habits This Month

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietics observes National Nutrition Month(R) in March, and it’s a good time to give extra thought to making good dietary choices, and to learn more about the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

This year’s annual theme is Go Further With Food, and it focuses on the impact that timely food consumption can have in every day life. A healthy breakfast helps provide well-timed energy for a productive day, improves metabolism and plays a major part in reducing the likelihood of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Consumption just before a sporting event and other activities can improve performance.

By making effectively-timed eating a priority and not an afterthought, people are able lead much healthier and productive lives. The Academy reminds us to also be mindful of incorporating a wide variety of healthy foods from each food group into our diets, to be more responsible at grocery shopping time by purchasing only the food and quantities we’ll use in the near future, to get into good habits with mealtime portion sizes, and to be diligent about planning leftovers during the week, so that all the food that is purchased is also consumed.

Visit the Academy website for more nutrition ideas and to learn more about activities you and your family can undertake to use nutritious habits on the path to a healthier life.