Mamie Beane — Tramway Elementary School

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Mamie Beane, a first grade teacher at Tramway Elementary School. Mrs. Beane is a native of Sanford and a Lee County High School graduate, who studied Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is in fourteenth year of teaching and LOVES teaching first grade, where her daily subjects include Phonics, English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Writing.

Mrs. Beane views communication as a central part of the education process. By creating a fluid form of communication between her students and herself, Mrs. Beane sees a path that ensures success for each child.

Mrs. Beane’s goal as an educator is to encourage each of her students to fall in love with learning. She observes, “One of my favorite things about teaching is watching children grow and experience those moments of ‘a ha!'” Mrs. Beane continues, “I know this year has been a little different, but we are still learning and creating a special community.”