Mallory Blue – East Lee Middle School

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Mallory Blue of East Lee Middle School. Ms. Blue is an eighth-grade social studies teacher, although she taught seventh-grade social studies for two years as well. She has been a part of the Rockets family for the entirety of her four-year teaching career. Ms. Blue holds a BA in Social Studies Education in grades 7-12 from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and is a part of the school’s CICO (check-in, check-out) program. Ms. Blue serves as a mentor for MTSS and has been the eighth-grade chairperson for two years.

Ms. Blue’s teaching philosophy stems from the belief that all students need to have a strong knowledge of American history and other social sciences to be productive and active citizens. She comments, “My goal is to teach students how to use social science skills (i.e. knowledge of the past, how governments work, financial literacy, etc.) so they can work to improve not just our local community, but our state and country as well.”

The teaching accomplishment Ms. Blue’s proudest of is when her former students show their appreciation for her teaching or have those “ah-ha” moments, “when my students go to high school and thank me for everything I taught them, or when they are able to connect topics from my class to their lives.”

If you asked colleagues of Ms. Blue to describe her, you would hear things like “hardworking,” “kind,” “trustworthy,” “helpful” and “goes the extra mile to help.” She likes to exercise (either going to Zumba, the gym or to the Sandhills Ruck Club), read, watch sports and play video games in her free time.

Something else Ms. Blue would like Sanford to know is that she is a native to the area and is proud of it. “I am from Sanford and have lived here all my life. It is an honor to work and serve the children who will be the future of my lifelong home.”