Make MyPlate Your Family’s Plate

It’s never too early or too often to remind children (and some adults!) about the importance of healthy eating.

One popular program, created by the USDA is called MyPlate.  It’s a creative, colorful way to introduce the major food groups, and to begin the conversation about the role our food and beverage decisions play in establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Among the lessons that children can learn in the MyPlate program are —

Every food and beverage choice is important. Amount of food, variety and nutrition all play a role, as do the ages and stages of our lives.  Include choices from all 5 food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods and dairy), in order to get all the nutrition you need.

Try to develop a healthy eating style that is low in saturated fats, sodium and added sugar. Doing so can prevent obesity and being overweight, while also reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

“Put your plate to work.” The graphic helps us to visually see healthy eating habits at work.  For example, get in the habit of filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Make half of your grains whole grain products.  Keep your protein choices varied.

The MyPlate website is filled with lots of information, plenty of tips and special sections and activities for preschoolers, young children, teens, college students and families.  Visit today, and lay the groundwork for your family’s healthy eating habits.