Louisa Heffelfinger

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is popular local painter Louisa Heffelfinger.

Louisa is a native of Massachusetts, a resident of Sanford since 2006 and an active member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club for over a decade.  Louisa has served on numerous committees and has been involved in many activities in her time with SBPC. Her works of art have received numerous awards and recognition and have been featured in several locations throughout Central North Carolina, including Sanford’s Temple Theatre.

Louisa’s painting style and choices of painting mediums vary a great deal.  While a great deal of her current work is in acrylics, she also uses watercolors, pastels and oriental ink in her work. She dabbles a little in abstract work, but her most frequent painting subjects include florals, animals & birds, landscapes, portraits and still lifes.

As in the case of many of our featured artists, painting is a constant passion for Louisa and something she enjoys doing on a continuous basis.  She’s been known to paint on vacations as well as with friends. She also does commissioned pieces and often enjoys taking on a new challenge simply for the sake of doing so. Our next featured piece of Tel Aviv’s beachfront skyline was created as a suggestion from a friend who felt Louisa would enjoy the challenge of painting a piece that included people, a beach, a distant skyline, sunrise and numerous buildings. The end result by Louisa includes acrylics and pastels.

Another interesting twist in Louisa’s works is her frequent emphasis on oriental styles and subjects, as a result of her daughters work in Toyko and the feedback of a friend. Louisa has won several awards in the SBPC Art Shows, and in addition to recognition for her work with collages, seascapes, abstracts, drip painting, and black & white en-plein-aire, she’s been recognized for her efforts in Oriental technique (as seen in our next image).

When she isn’t painting, Louisa enjoys engaging in several other pursuits, including gardening and singing with her church choir and other groups.

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