Lora Currin – Broadway Elementary School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Lora Currin of Broadway Elementary School. Mrs. Currin is a first-grade teacher and has been at Broadway for five of her 17-years’ teaching career. She attended Sandhills Community College and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and holds a Bachelor of Science for Birth-Kindergarten. She is also certified in elementary education for K-6 grades and in special education for K-12 grades.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Currin strives to help her school, as well as East Lee Middle School by serving as Broadway Elementary PTO President, a SIT Committee Member, the East Lee Box Top Coordinator for and as a PTO/Booster Club Member for East Lee.

Mrs. Currin wants her students to be as passionate about school as she is. “Teaching is a passion that I have. I want to give each child an opportunity to grow and feel successful. I feel that every child does not only need encouragement and support, but they need the love of a teacher. My motto for teaching is ‘a teacher that loves teaching, teaches children to love learning.’”

What Mrs. Currin’s teaching peers love about her is how positive she is. “Some words my colleagues might use to describe me would be optimistic, encouraging and always willing to help. A phrase that my colleagues would say I may use is ‘we got this!’ In other words, I try to tell my fellow coworkers that no matter how stressful our job can get, ‘we got this!’ together.”

When she’s not teaching or volunteering her time to better the schools, Mrs. Currin enjoys spending time with her family — husband of 15 years and two daughters who attend Broadway and East Lee. “My children are very involved in sports and other activities, they both play soccer and basketball. I like to watch them at what they love to do.” She is also a lifetime member of Shallow Well Church.