Lisa Hoffman – Tramway Elementary School

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Lisa Hoffman of Tramway Elementary School. Mrs. Hoffman has been a Tigershark for the entirety of her eight-year teaching career, and even attended Tramway when she was a student! She is a fourth-grade English Language Arts teacher, as well as a member of the school’s Behavior Team and PTO Staff Representative. Mrs. Hoffman holds a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from East Carolina University.

Mrs. Hoffman believes that teaching is the most important job someone can have, commenting “As a teacher, I know each child is unique and has individual needs that I strive to meet. I want my students to be successful in all academic areas, but most importantly, I want them to leave my classroom feeling their most loved, valued and confident selves. Overall, I know each of my students have been handpicked and put with me for a specific purpose and my hope is to encourage and inspire them to be the absolute best version of themselves.”

Colleagues of Mrs. Hoffman would describe her as “fun,” “compassionate,” “honest” and “kind.”

Mrs. Hoffman enjoys spending time with her family, serving at her church and doing ALL the crafty things on Pinterest. She is also grateful to the teachers she had as a student, noting “I’m so thankful for all the wonderful teachers (like Betsy Bridges and Gaynell McIver) who inspired me to be the teacher I am today!”